Deutsche Frühstücksei chooses for OVO-Vision

Deutsche Frühstücksei chooses for OVO-Vision


Lohne (Germany), 11 July 2018


After detailed analysis, today the contract was signed to implement OVO-Vision at Deutsche Frühstücksei GmbH (DF).

DF is one of the top producers in Europe of eggs and egg-products for end customers and food-industry in the b2b and b2c markets. For companies that size the logistic and financial flow can be a night-mare if the right tools are not available.

“With this fully integrated solution, even interfacing to farm computers and all graders, we want to have a future proof and comprehensive egg system for every area of the company. With OVO-Vison we will plan and monitor the production of all our flocks and match this with the sales and expected demand. The integration to the painting- and processing plants should give us a good insight in the financial results on all logistical decisions we make and powerful Business Intelligence tools (BI) will give us insight in production and warehouse information through various graphs and dashboards. Through the data warehouse we want to analyze the big data to support future decisions” says Lars Bohne, CFO of DF.


Lars Bohn (Deutsche Frühstücksei)

Jack Jenniskens (OVO-Vision Qwinsoft)


OVO-Vision is an integrated Business Central solution for the Egg and Poultry industry.