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Success story !

Pluimveegroep van Beek automate the sales administration by working with OVO-Vision Cloud.


Pluimveegroep van Beek started grading eggs in 2018 after it took over egg grading company van de Grift (Netherlands) and grades eggs from different local farmers. Although Pluimveegroep van Beek started recently with grading activities, the family business has a long history with laying hens and broiler parent stock.

Gert-Jan, owner of Pluimveegroep van Beek, was looking for a system to streamline his sales administration. Main point to optimize was the way orders were entered in the system and creating invoices and shipping documents with all the characteristics of an egg grader company.

We have implemented parts of the OVO-Vision Sales module at Pluimveegroep van Beek which enables them to define assortment and prices for every single customer and with 1 press on a button they can import the most recent marketprices, which is very useful when salesprices are based on marketprices.

Pluimveegroep van Beek used to work with a kind of paper call lists, this is history now as OVO-Vision Cloud has a call list worksheet in the system which generates on a daily base a list of customers to contact for their orders. This enable you to be in the driver seat.

OVO-Vision Cloud is easy to use, once you have setup prices and assortment for the customers, entering an order is just a matter of seconds and it automatically creates the correct invoice and shipping document, with the correct number of packages and eggs.

Later this year, after this successful implementation, OVO-Vision will implement the OVO-Vision Purchase module to streamline the Poultry Farm Invoicing.

The partnership with OVO-Vision is good, they do understand the egg business which makes the communication easy.

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Succes story Pluimveegroep van Beek