OVO-Vision 2017 NEW in Flock management

In addition to all the adjustments Microsoft made to Dynamics 2017,OVO-Vision has significant improvements in many area’s. Some of these improvements are:

Flock management:


Tablet and smartphone usage is now available through the standard app from Dynamics. The same functionality available in the client or the browser is available on the mobile device. There is no extra development needed. Based on the role a user has, he will get his flocks and functionality available. To-Do’s and alerts are made visible in clear descriptions. Taking a picture and adding a comment related to the flock even can be done. Based on the GPS-coordinates the system even knows at what flock / barn the user actually is.

Multi species. To make OVO-Vision suitable for all poultry production types, this function was added. The system can handle layers, broilers and turkeys. A result of this adjustments was the multi phase function. This makes it possible to change the flock in its composition e.g. changing the roosters during the life time of the flock.

Interfacing to barn systems. To prevent keying errors and time consuming data entry, we interface to most of the common barn systems in the market. The setup is flexible so any adjustments can be done easy.

Graphs. All technical data is presented in graphs. Comparing standards or other flocks to the flock you are looking at is no problem. Graphs can be adjusted by the user him selve for specific purposes. vis2-flock

To-Do lists. In OVO-Vision 2017 it is possible to have To-Do lists for specific employees or groups.

Flock monitor integrates with email. All alerts have the option to send out a message to a specific employee or a group.

Accounting integrates even more. It is possible to create standard purchase orders for new pullets, create transit orders to move birds from the rearing to the production barn and sales orders for the disposal of the birds. The system will calculate pricing and adjust inventory where needed and all accounting related entries can be generated.

Flock placement. It is now possible to see all the available houses combined with active and future rearing and production flocks in a chart. You can simulate flocks and see the results directly in this chart. Combined with the estimated future production and grade out and the expected sales, the future population of the barns can be done. In this graph it is even possible to simulate a molt and directly see the results on production and supply available for processing.

Barn cam. It is now possible to look into the barns and capture live images.

…. Keep following us, there is much more to come!