OVO-Vision showing production data on OMNIA

To make sure the right product and traceability information is on a specific packing lane, we show it on the grader directly coming from OVO-Vision production granule. In this way the production is more accurate and easy to verify.



Al the information coming from and to the MOBA grader and robot can be processed through OVO-Vision.

The production granule can assign product to specific machines and packing lanes and even give a list of all the batches that need to be put on the loader. A check on the validity of the batch may or can be used can get activated. This prevents the user putting the wrong material on the grader.



Customer specifications can easily be set up per customer per item and the production granule will take care of picking the right nest run and run it on the correct grader. Feed specifications, housing type or management type, certificate or QC test result, the system is completely flexible to setup all your needs. All the data is being carried over from the feed and flock side, over the production into the finished goods warehouse and in the end to the customer.

All grade out information is fed back to the flock granule to make the planning more accurate and easy to compare with other flocks and strain standard.

Tracking and tracing for the complete egg supply chain.