Monitor your flocks to get better results


The software has the ability to manage grow and lay flocks with a complete integration to the internal or external feed mill. This can be done for internal or external flocks (contract farmers). Also included is a complete house setup and interface to house control systems. A smartphone or tablet can be used to key the daily or weekly data and is presented in clear graphs. In the background the system is monitoring the information and will alert you if any unexpected situations occur.




At the moment a flock has been setup (even in the simulation mode) the output, eggs and the expected grade outs, are available for planning the accumulated results. This way you can get your short term and long term forecasts directly presented without any long lasting calculations. The short term planning is actually based on the last known results in combination with the standards.
Similar to the output the feed consumption is available for long term planning.
When using OVO-Vision in combination with OVO-Vision SALES it is possible to combine flock output and Sales (budgets/forecast) to see supply and demand together. Especially for long term planning this is very helpful for your flock placement. When done simulating and finalizing  the plan, the system will be able to create purchase orders for new animals.


Multi-output phases


During the live time of a flock it is possible to get different outputs. By changing to a different feed formulation the output (e.g. egg type) will change. OVO-Vision keeps track of this and will alert the user in the feed planning, supply planning and adjusts in the forecasting.


Link to Accounting


The integration with accounting can give you a good insight in the financial results of the individual flocks or farms. Depreciation can be applied on the amount of living birds but also expenses that have been incurred but are not yet recorded to a specific flock (based on percentage or amount of living birds). A profit and loss can be created per flock or farm.

Asset or cost

Depending on the setup, a flock can be an asset or a cost. Even for just the molt period it is possible to capture the costs and add that value to the book value of the flock. See more Accounting options


Multi-species & Multi-phase


The core of the flock system is designed to be Multi-species. For now the system can handle layers, broilers and turkeys. Depending on the setup it can be used for breeding, grow and production flocks. During the live time of a flock the composition can be adjusted, e.g. amount and brand of roosters can change. Per species, brand and phase, a set of alerts can be setup to warn you in case of an event or reading that is out of the expected boundaries. Per alert the type (text or e-mail) and who needs to be alerted can be setup. The alerts are instantly visible on the monitor of the flock manager and on the device of the responsible flock care taker.


To-Do lists, sampling, health records, test results


Managing a flock correct can be challenging. In OVO-Vision you can setup templates to fill an agenda for managing flocks. In these templates you can setup that on a given date a sample needs to be taken or a vaccination needs to be done. For specific roles (employees) it is possible to assign tasks.OVO_TABLET_APP
In combination with OVO-Vision LIM (Laboratory information system) you can do all the tests and capture all the results that are related to a flock. If available the information from the grow flocks will be visible at the production flocks. See more on QC Options.




Keeping track of all the different certificates per farm, house or flock can be challenging. In OVO-Vision FLOCK we have the ability to enter the certificates and all this information is available for further processing e.g. customer requirements for products that are certified in a certain way.


House / barn configuration


Besides the address and GPS coordinates (it is possible to pinpoint on (Google) maps in case of a health issues and draw circles), a barn can completely be configured. Size and amount of cages, housing type, water meters and all relevant components can be registered.
Parallel to this setup all sensors can be configured to process the data coming from the house control systems.


Reporting, Graphs and Benchmarking


Many reports and graphs are available. Benchmarking to standards is available to all characteristics. Adjusting reports and graphs is easy also for specific situations by the user. Comparing divisions, farms, strains or flocks for a specific age frame is also possible.