Efficient planning what you need and what you can, just in time


Producing to stock or to order, knowing what your supply is and the expected results. For packing stations the grade outs, for processers the yields and for the hatching Fertility, HOF, HOS and Cull are important.

OVO-Vision can handle all types of production and watches your inventory of supplies like packing material and the availability of tanks or containers. Interfacing to common equipment like graders (MOBA, Staalkat) and weighing scales, are standard features.



Knowing the capacity of your equipment is essential when you are planning for multi-locations and multi-shifts.
Looking at production, there are 3 areas that need to get balanced out.

– Demand, what needs to be produced
– Supply, what’s available for processing
– Efficient use of resources

The demand side has several components. Sales, transits and inventory can create for a given day a need for finished product. Customer quality specifications and labeling specifications can be taken care of.
Supply is driven by real-time stock (including WIP), purchase, expected pickup (including in-lane production) and transits between locations. In the supply planning it is possible to have extra information and or criteria for selecting the correct product. As an example, for the grader the expected grade out per batch and for the hatchery the Fertility, HOF, HOS and Cull. Certifications, feed and vaccination criteria can be available when in combination with OVO-Vision Flock.
The use of resources is based on the capacity of a device during a certain period. E.g a setter, pasteur or a grader. Even the availability of employees can be a criterion for the production planning.


Nested production planning


OVO-Vision production is capable to plan multiple processes after each other and or simultaneous. The creation of WIP, waste and or by-product can be a component of the production plan.


Lot-relations / Tracking and tracing


During the completion process every batch gets a lot number. All lots created and used batches are stored in the system. This way a full tracking and tracing is possible. In case of an audit or a recall an extensive report can be created with all the necessary information on it. In many production steps it is possible to create lot numbers e.g. printing on the egg, on the carton, on the case and on the pallet. OVO-Vision can interface with most common equipment used in the industry.


Production plan


The setup for a production plan can contain many components. Not only the items that can be used as an input or output, but also sampling and testing instructions, job instructions and recipe information. Date information, like best before date and sell by date. Labeling instructions and lot-number assignment.
A set of production plans come with the initial system and can be adjusted to the needs. Several plans are available for hatching, grading, processing and boiling. Rework production plans can be setup in multiple ways.