Though vaccination is not used very much in the poultry industry, we have the possibility in OVO-Vision to see what and when has been vaccinated for a specific flock. With the flock TO-DO list it is possible to plan on a specific date (weeks and day after hatching) that a vaccination needs to be done. The used vaccines can be tracked by batch/lot-number. The system is capable to keep track of the use before date.
Costs are posted to the flock and stock control on the vaccines is possible.

With the TO-DO list it is possible to monitor different types of activities.

  •  Standard flock activities, like counting mortality
  •  Vaccination
  •  Testing and sampling
  •  Administrative activities

Every activity type can be monitored by different employees. When an activity on the TO-DO list is not performed it will show up as an alert for the responsible manager.
The results of the testing and sampling are visible on the flock. In case of a production flock all the data from the grow flocks will be available.