Order to Cash (OTC), 100% automated through EDI

Yes, 100% automated!

We can process orders till payment through EDI without anybody touching the system and no paperwork.

All trade partners and documents can be completely setup by the user.

How does it work?

The retailer sends a 875 Purchase order to the Supplier. **

The Supplier send back the 997 Functional acknowledgment ***

The first step is done. OVO-Vision handles the possible errors, does the cross reference to the item table, handles firms and keeps track off all EDI customers, if they have send their order for the day. Prices, allowances and promos are added to the Sales order. OVO-Vision does the complete production planning per location and handles the warehouse management, including picking and shipping.

The Supplier sends the 894 Delivery/Return Base record

The Retailer sends the 997 Functional acknowledgment

When the items are received at the retailer they send back the 895 Delivery/Return Acknowledgment or adjustment

OVO-vision handles the Receipt confirmation and sends back the 997. If needed the system can adjust the order or generate a backorder although this is not very common for the industry.

The supplier sends the 880 Invoice to the retailer and creates an AR in the system, all statistics are updated and even a P&L can be created per brand or per DOZENS sold.

For the last two steps we have the 824 Application Advice  and the 820 Payment Order/Remittance Advice that actually clears the AR.

BTW, in this whole process the system keeps track of any mistakes and logs them. If necessary a reason code needs to be entered so customer rating is filled in the background.

** Instead of the 875 Purchase order to the Supplier it is possible to use the 852 Product Activity.

*** The Functional acknowledgement is optional and not needed for the system.

Based on Lanham Associates EDI,     Unknown