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A few benefits

Track progress at a glance.

OVO-Vision Cloud

Seamlessly integrate with OVO-Vision

As OVO-Vision is already set up and configured for you it is quick and easy to start with.

Grow potential

Perfectly scalable and customizable

Thanks to the modular structure of OVO-Vision we can easily grow with your business.


Configured for the egg industry

We understand the characteristics of the egg and poultry business. We talk eggs and think ERP.


Streamlining your business

OVO-Vision provides a complete business solution for all your business processes, based on Microsoft Dynamics.

Stay up-to-date

Innovative software for your business

Always the latest version and a wide range of possibilities to interface with machines and services.

Ask for a live demo!

See how work get’s done
with OVO-Vision.


Find out what these customers already know.

More insight into the supply chain with a future proof product and an experienced partner

Those were the three main criteria for us as Waden GmbH to choose OVO-Vision.

After extensive preparation, we finally chose OVO-Vision QwinSoft B.V., an ERP solution that has been proven in the egg industry for years. The references were very positive about the implementation and the extensive knowledge of the OVO-Vision team.

Our own experience so far has also been satisfactory, correct and knowledgeable. Especially the comprehensiveness of the system and its flexibility are staggering. Even parts that do not fit completely are flexibly adapted so that a 100% fit can be realized.

For both flock management and egg processing (grading, boiling, peeling and painting) OVO-Vision not only provides the logistical and financial information but also all quality information. The extensive flow of goods information is very valuable to gain insight in supply and demand.

With OVO-Vision we are future proof!

Holger Runden / CEO Waden GmbH

Pluimveegroep van Beek automate the sales administration by working with OVO-Vision Cloud

“We have implemented parts of the OVO-Vision Sales module which enables us to define assortment and prices for every single customer. We can import the most recent market prices, which is very useful when sales prices are based on market prices. Also the call list worksheet which generate on a daily base a list of customers is easy to use. OVO-Vision is a software company that understands the egg business”, said Gert-Jan van Beek.


Interovo has been a customer for 15 years

Since Interovo has a large amount of international suppliers, contract farmers and their own farms, the need of a very reliable, detailed and easy to use tracking and tracing system is evident.
With the complete integrated OVO-Vision solution there is a guarantee that all logistical, technical and financial information will be processed in a accurate way all over the group. The predictability and transparency make the group very efficient and profitable.

Practicing for something that has never happened

Mark Sauder and Greg Rhinier spend a lot of time preparing for something that has never happened at Sauder’s Eggs. What they prepare for, practice for and expect to never have to deal with is a product recall. During a brief tour at the company’s Ephrata facility, the two described a program pioneered by Mark Sauder’s father, Paul, which provided a model for the entire egg industry based on OVO-Vision.


Pearl Valley Eggs and OVO-Vision: a perfect match

“We chose OVO-Vision because it was an ERP already designed for the egg industry.  This saves us twice as much time and cost in setting up any other ERP where we would have to develop it to fit eggs and the way this industry works.  We can stop much of our own custom development to meet specific demands for the way an egg business works as OVO-Vision already has accommodated much of those needs.  OVO-Vision is the exact ERP we have been needing for a very long time.”, said Jeff Singler, I.T. Manager Pearl Valley Eggs.

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