Streamline your workflow

OVO-Vision is a complete solution for all your business processes built up by a very comprehensive set of modules to streamline the total egg supply chain.


Feed management is a powerful tool to formulate, plan production, create mill production orders and get to know your feed costs.


Get a real-time overview of all technical, logistical, financial and management information of your flocks to maximise performance, efficiency and profit.

Flock Calendar

OVO-Vision is equipped with Flock calendar to create a schedule for tasks such as taking swabs, vaccination and all other kind of sampling.


Plan production to stock or to order by knowing what your sales, supply and the expected results are to increase efficiency.


Measure, sample, test and store test results related to batches or processes through the complete supply chain in OVO-Vision.


The egg supply chain has its own characterises which are all in OVO-Vision. Raw materials, packing and finished product are easy to order based on demand and inventory levels.


Don’t miss a sale and keep your customers satisfied. OVO-Vision has an extremely comprehensive set of features.


With EDI the complete process from order to cash can be done without any human intervention.


The paperless drivers system turns the drivers administration into a paperless office.


Keep track of all your warehouse(s) and location(s) and prevent miss picking or outdated items.

Track and Trace

OVO-Vision knows exactly the path of your eggs.


Get an end-to-end view of your business by connecting data across accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory and production.

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