The warehouse receipt is the beginning of the ungraded eggs.


The warehouse receipt is the beginning of the ungraded eggs at the receiving dock of the packing/grading station. It depends on how the company is organized but at this point the eggs go into inventory.

  • Set up all details from your eggs in OVO-Vision upfront and at the point the eggs physically arrive at your inventory; for example, housing type, breed, feed, region of origin, relevant certificates etc.
  • The expected grade out, quantity of eggs per flock, per farm, per supplier will automatically be connected to the received batch
  • Creating a batch number enables you to track and trace the eggs during further processing (can be done on the dock or at the farm)

Receiving eggs into your inventory sometimes needs to happen very fast. OVO-Vision has the ability to process the eggs directly to the processing (grader). You don’t need to process (post) the received eggs first before you can use the product. All this information can help you creating invoices for your egg suppliers. Creating invoices for your suppliers can be a hard and time-consuming job but OVO-Vision will ease the pain.


“OVO-Vision has the ability to process the eggs directly to the grader.”

OVO-Vision is equipped with dozens of tools that can streamline this process all in 1 system:

  • Multiple options to calculate the purchase prices of eggs for example discounts and surcharges (based on quantity, quality, weight, grade-out B quality, tolerance %, age of flock, average price)
  • Invoicing on avg. gram weight or grading result with different market prices and charges per grader group
  • Automatically import market quotations such as NOP, Weser-Ems, Urner Barry, etc.
  • Compare contracts with a fixed price to market prices or different contract conditions
  • Multiple ownership and payment based on % and/or money amount per dozen
  • Handling intercompany transactions for your logistics and financial control can be processed with minimum human intervention if the system is set up correctly

Depending on how your packing station is organized OVO-Vision can track movements from one location to another location in your packing station, by simple scanning of the labels. All the plastic/return goods are taken care off. The system will alert you if a farmer is running out of plastic and propose a recommended amount for your next trip to him. OVO-Vision understands that not every egg processor is the same, some have only 1 location and some have more locations. There are multiple ways to run your business, processing eggs immediately after receiving or you store them for a little while.

OVO-Vision therefore offers comprehensive packages of warehouse solutions:

  • Receipt, ship and transit items from and to your warehouse, even customer owned product
  • Keep track of all your warehouses and locations
  • Make it easy for the shipping crew to handle many orders and routes by using mobile scanners; OVO-Vision will alert you if an older product is available
  • Item substitution can be set up per customer per item; pricing can follow the original item or the pricing of the substituting item
  • Full or partial substitution and different amount are possible (e.g. 2 x 6 pack for 1 x 12 pack)
  • Keeping track of your pallets, containers or racks, can be done with or without charging customers; a full inventory report per item, per customer, and per ship to can tell you what item went when and to whom
  • For the farm supplies, the system can adjust the inventory based on the received and remaining amount in the warehouse at the farm
  • Create all shipping documents, labels or send out the bill of lading through EDI
  • Drop shipments can be processed in OVO-Vision and can automatically create a purchase order for the third party (shipping and product can go separate)


Extra warehouse
When using OVO Flock, the cooler at the farm can be visible in the system as an extra warehouse. Availability of raw material per grader group will be completely transparent for the user. Transits can be created automatically or manually to the default facility or any other location.

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