How to think big and start small but have the opportunity to scale fast!

Success story !

Pluimveegroep van Beek automate the sales administration by working with OVO-Vision Cloud.


Pluimveegroep van Beek started grading eggs in 2018 after it took over egg grading company van de Grift (Netherlands) and grades eggs from different local farmers. Although Pluimveegroep van Beek started recently with grading activities, the family business has a long history with laying hens and broiler parent stock.

Gert-Jan, owner of Pluimveegroep van Beek, was looking for a system to streamline his sales Read more “How to think big and start small but have the opportunity to scale fast!”

OVO-Vision Cloud

Integrated business administration;

Think big, start small, scale fast!


What are your first thoughts about ERP software?

Hopefully all of you will say “Yes it helped me focussing on my egg business” or “I control costs, my sales and margins grew” or “The investment was worth it!”

But… unfortunately some of you would say “it is too big for my company”, “too expensive”, “long and complicated implementation time”…. ?

Am I right?

Was an ERP solution in the past only available for the large(r) egg packing stations, now it becomes also available for all sizes of packing stations.

OVO-Vision our integrated business solution for the egg and poultry industry, is available in two variants:

The well-known OVO-Vision Enterprise version, highly customizable and installed on a local server and OVO-Vision Cloud, standard and hosted on a server.

OVO-Vision Cloud: within reach of all company sizes

In the past, as a company you already had to have a quite extensive structure and financial resource to implement an integrated business solution.

This has drastically changed since the introduction of OVO-Vision Cloud. Even if you need only 2 or 3 users, OVO-Vision Cloud is already within reach.

All relevant modules for an egg packing station.

Just like the Enterprise version, OVO-Vision Cloud has several modules. The difference is that the Cloud version is not put together à la carte, but that it is implemented as standard with all modules that are frequently used in an egg packing station of your size. We have defined 3 packages:

  • OVO-Vision Basics
  • OVO-Vision Essentials
  • OVO-Vision Premium


Please check the feature list for detailed overview of the functionalities of each package.

Featurelist Cloud and Enterprise

Scale up easily

No matter what size your egg packing station is: the basic processes you are dealing with are often the same. Therefore the framework of the Cloud versions and Enterprise version are exact the same. The screen layout is also exactly the same. That means that with a possible expansion of your company you can easily switch from one Cloud package to another or even to the Enterprise version.

Deutsche Frühstücksei chooses for OVO-Vision

Deutsche Frühstücksei chooses for OVO-Vision


Lohne (Germany), 11 July 2018


After detailed analysis, today the contract was signed to implement OVO-Vision at Deutsche Frühstücksei GmbH (DF).

DF is one of the top producers in Europe of eggs and egg-products for end customers and food-industry in the b2b and b2c markets. For companies that size the logistic and financial flow can be a night-mare if the right tools are not available.

“With this fully integrated solution, even interfacing to farm computers and all graders, we want to have a future proof and comprehensive egg system for every area of the company. With OVO-Vison we will plan and monitor the production of all our flocks and match this with the sales and expected demand. The integration to the painting- and processing plants should give us a good insight in the financial results on all logistical decisions we make and powerful Business Intelligence tools (BI) will give us insight in production and warehouse information through various graphs and dashboards. Through the data warehouse we want to analyze the big data to support future decisions” says Lars Bohne, CFO of DF.


Lars Bohn (Deutsche Frühstücksei)

Jack Jenniskens (OVO-Vision Qwinsoft)


OVO-Vision is an integrated Business Central solution for the Egg and Poultry industry.


We’re Hiring!

We’re Hiring! Voor het opzetten van onze OVO-Vision Cloud divisie zijn wij op zoek naar :


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OVO-Vision Certified for Microsoft Dynamics

OVO-Vision has earned Microsoft Corporation’s highest standard for partner-developed software solutions, and has therefore been:

•    Designed to meet unique business and industry needs
•    Tested for integration with the Microsoft Dynamics product
•    Used and recommended by other companies

•    Professionally implemented and systematically supported


Once again congratulations – and we look forward to working with you in the future!

Best regards,

Rodion M.

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) Operations Team.


Practicing for Something That’s Never Happened

Mark Sauder and Greg Rhinier spend a lot of time preparing for something that has never happened at Sauder’s Eggs.


ms-prepare  gr-prepare

Case-label OVO-Vision

What they prepare for, practice for and expect to never have to deal with is a product recall. During a brief tour at the company’s Ephrata facility, the two described a program pioneered by Mark Sauder’s father, Paul, which provided a model for the entire egg industry based on OVO-Vision. Read the whole story