Frequently asked questions

Why does my company need an ERP system?

An ERP system brings all business processes together in one system. All information is available for the whole company. When every department in a company has their own system, a lot of data has to be imported multiple times. With an ERP system, this is not the case.

What is OVO-Vision?

OVO-Vision is an innovative software platform with the latest technological innovations, especially developed for egg and poultry companies. The platform is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, and is further developed to give you specific functionality for the egg and poultry industry.

What kind of companies are the right fit for OVO-Vision?

OVO-Vision is a suitable fit for companies of almost any size within the egg and poultry industry. This could be start-ups, SMB, or enterprises, internationally.

For how many users is OVO-Vision suitable?

OVO-Vision is a suitable fit from 5 users.

What is the added value of OVO-Vision?

With our egg and poultry knowledge and IT expertise we created a software platform for egg and poultry companies, OVO-Vision. The specific applications make sure that there is a perfect match. OVO-Vision offers the specific functionality that an egg and poultry company needs.

Is OVO-Vision available on premise?

Yes, OVO-Vision is, as well as in the cloud, also available on premise.

Am I obligated to go to the cloud?

No, you can purchase the software platform on premise as well. However, the advantage of the cloud is that you can join in on all the new innovations quickly.

I want to order software, how does this work?

To start of you can send in a quote request. How the software will be implemented, is different for every company. This depends on the scale of the project, specific wishes etc. We can also give you an indication of the services that need to be provided when you request a quote.

How does it work when I order the software in a monthly subscription model?

When you order OVO-Vision as a monthly subscription, you pay an amount every month per user. This amount can be different every month. This is related to things like buying apps, the amount of people you have on your software etc.

How long does it take to implement OVO-Vision?

This completely depends on the size of your company, specific wishes you have and the scope of the project.

Is there help/support available for my OVO-Vision system?

If you are looking for help/support for OVO-Vision, click here.

Can I make a poultry farm invoice?

Yes, with OVO-Vision you can make a PFI with every requirement you can think of.

What to do when I get an audit?

All data is captured in OVO-Vision, so you can provide the auditor very fast with every overview he wants.

Is it possible to import market prices?

Yes, you can import them easily in OVO-Vision.

Can I use EDI?

Yes, you can integrate with your customers using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) by receiving orders and sending invoices in a fully automated solution.

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