Feed Management is a powerful tool to formulate, plan and create mill production orders.


Since feed is the most expensive component in the total flock cost, Feed Management is a powerful tool to formulate, plan the amount and create mill production orders. Knowing what formulation needs to be fed, how much and when can be challenging.

Knowing the availability of ingredients and their nutrient values is essential to create your least cost production order. Planning the deliveries in an efficient and bio-secure way can save time and money. In case of an internal mill, producing feed for customers can increase your results. OVO-Vision will handle all the paperwork and will handle pricing and charges for invoicing.

There are 2 types of feed formulation that can be used in determining per flock what needs to be fed:

  • Stored formulas, in this method a set of predefined feed types is used during the lifetime of the flock
  • Flock performance formulation: the formulation is determined by a set of parameters that is coming from the daily or weekly flock results

Based on the availability, pricing and nutritive value, a least cost calculation can be created. This formulation can be sent to the feed mill. Based on market prices, charges and fees, the cost price or market price can be calculated. These prices can be used for purchasing at external mills (purchase order) or selling to customers (sales order/invoice) and for internally charging the flock for the delivered feed.

“Feed Management is a powerful tool to formulate.”

When used in combination with the module Accounting all these documents can be processed into the Accounting module. After processing, the inventory is adjusted based on the bill of materials/formulation. The account payables and account receivables are created in the same process.

The transport planning tool will give you the most economical route to bring feed to the houses/barns, knowing the tank capacity and average consumption of the birds (based on information coming from the module Flock management). The capacity of the mill and availability/capacity of the trucks is taken care of. In the route planning the bio-security codes of the flocks are used to prevent unwanted cross determination.

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