Monday January 20th

Direct transfer via on-farm scanning

In addition on the paperless office for truck drivers, OVO-Vision has created the direct transfer order. In the Transport order the pickup at the farm of ungraded eggs and delivery of supplies (e.g. pallets and trays) where already available besides the delivery of finished goods to shops, customers and or DC’s.

Now OVO-Vision can pick up for instance 6 pallets ungraded eggs and 1 pallet B-quality at the farm of which 2 plus the 1 B need to go to the packing station and 4 are directly delivered to a colleague egg processor (vendor). OVO-Vision will handle all the paperwork in the background.

  • The shipping documents are directly created for the colleague packing station
  • The order and invoice for the colleague packing station will be created
  • All contract information like, pricing and annual contract amount, can be taken care off
  • All return goods (e.g. pallets and trays) are registered and inventory will be adjusted
  • The use of internal and external transport companies
    • Creating purchase order for external transport
    • Planning of drivers/trucks
    • Transport cost visible in margin calculation
    • Pricing per pallet place or miles/km or full truck
  • Tracking & tracing information will be transferred
    • Lot information
    • Flock information
    • Production date and other properties
    • ATC information

The big benefit of this solution is that:

  • No need to first bring product to the packing station
  • Integrated transport planning
  • No mistakes on:
    • Forget to invoice
    • Inventory adjustment
    • Wrong pricing
    • Contract adjustment
    • Quality information

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