Monday February 10th

Egg traders / Spot market

The challenge for eggs bought on the free market or spot market is that the relevant tracking and tracing information is not always available or just parts of it. Knowing what specifications can be expected, like feed type, beak trimming, or date of lay and having that information available for the production planning and quality control is not always easy.

Between companies using OVO-Vision this issue is completely resolved. Even on pallet level every detail is available. Even if the quality changes a result of a QC measurement, the related batches can get different properties.

For other batches (coming from not OVO-Vision users) OVO-Vision already had the option to store the tracing information, but recently we added the option to add the properties manually to each individual batch

The life of the production planner can be much more fun, knowing what eggs he has available instead of hoping that the purchased eggs will match the customers’ requirements.

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