Monday January 6th

Egga Food B.V. chooses for OVO-Vision

Ospel-based Egga Food is one of the largest egg processing companies in Europe, and one of the most modern ones in the world. Annually, hundreds of millions of eggs are handled in several production processes like cooking, dye, peel, and package. This amounts to several million organic, barn, and free-range eggs each week. These eggs are delivered by certified poultry farms from across Europe and are subsequently delivered to businesses in the egg processing industry, wholesalers, supermarkets, food service companies, and caterers throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. An array of ultra-modern machinery ensures that all operations are performed by machines under the strictest guidelines for hygiene.

After an in-depth preliminary investigation and description of the desired solutions, the choice ultimately fell on OVO-Vision.
“It soon became clear that OVO-Vision was the only one who could bring this large-scale project to a success”, said Mr. W van Gemert (owner and founder of Egga Food B.V.)

Project goal

Egga Food B.V. wants to increase reliability and work more professionally.
Within reliability, transparency and predictability are important. The need to steer the production processes comes from the professionalization perspective and needs to be handled through standardized performance indicators.
The current structure of the business applications and associated automation are running at their maximum limits.
The aim of the project is to implement an integrated system that is able to support and monitor the critical business processes.
In addition the system must be so flexible to be able to change with the development of Egga Food as an organization. The ERP system needs to be able to address issues such as flow of goods, quality control and tracking and tracing information and cover the complete supply chain of Egga Food and its associated companies.

Jack Jenniskens, CEO OVO-Vision QwinSoft B.V. and Wim-Jaap Vos, CEO Egga Food B.V.


For more information about OVO-Vision please contact us.

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