Monday November 25th

Moba grader interface

Since 1997 OVO-Vision is interfacing to graders. Did you know that OVO-Vision and Moba together developed the tracking and tracing in their graders? In those days it was the most important feature in connecting to the grader.

We recently updated all interfaces to the Moba Omnia family to the latest specs.Almost all data needed on and coming from the grader is stored and processed in OVO-Vision.At the loader side the pallets (batches) can be scanned on the grader. If you are using robots or inline, this can be done automatically. If requested a check can be done if these are the right eggs for this production order. The raw material inventory is real time adjusted. The grading results can be used for the poultry farm invoice (PFI) and reporting, eg. shift results or production results and even can go back to OVO-Vision flock management.

With OVO-Vision you have the ability to print on the packing lane with various devices/printers. The finished product and packing material inventory will be adjusted when the product is completed.

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