Never miss a task any more!

We integrated workflow management into OVO-Vision, this will prevent that you miss a task or forget to follow up on things to do.

Per user or department a list of tasks and alerts can get defined.

The user can respond and create a follow up if needed. (e.g. take sample and the follow up is: test results, if you did not get the results OVO-Vision can alert you to give a call the lab to ask for the results).

  • Standardize your process workflows
  • Build workflows quickly and easily
  • Minimize errors through validation checks
  • Reduce lag time through automated messages and alerts
  • Achieve flexibility and transparency regardless of where you are notkp

Workflow management is completely integrated through all granules of OVO-Vision:

Flock, Feed, QC, Production, Warehouse, Sales, Purchase and Accounting!


To make a quick start templates are available for :

Overdue Approval Requests Workflow
General Journal Batch Approval Workflow
General Journal Line Approval Workflow
Incoming Document Workflow
Incoming Document Approval Workflow
Incoming Document Exchange Workflow
Incoming Document OCR Workflow
Purchase Documents
Blanket Purchase Order Approval Workflow
Purchase Credit Memo Approval Workflow
Purchase Invoice Approval Workflow
Purchase Invoice Workflow
Purchase Order Approval Workflow
Purchase Quote Approval Workflow
Purchase Return Order Approval Workflow
Sales and Marketing
Customer Credit Limit Change Approval Workflow
Customer Approval Workflow
Sales Documents
Blanket Sales Order Approval Workflow
Sales Credit Memo Approval Workflow
Sales Invoice Approval Workflow
Sales Invoice Credit Limit Approval Workflow
Sales Order Approval Workflow
Sales Order Credit Limit Approval Workflow
Sales Quote Approval Workflow
Sales Return Order Approval Workflow


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