Monday October 25th

New Customer Waden GmbH

More insight into the supply chain with a future-proof product and an experienced partner

Those were the three main criteria for us as Waden GmbH to choose OVO-Vision.

After extensive preparation, we finally chose OVO-Vision QwinSoft B.V., an ERP solution that has been proven in the egg industry for years. The references were very positive about the implementation and the extensive knowledge of the OVO-Vision team.

Our own experience so far has also been satisfactory, correct and knowledgeable. Especially the comprehensiveness of the system and its flexibility are staggering. Even parts that do not fit completely are flexibly adapted so that a 100% fit can be realized.

For both flock management and egg processing (grading, boiling, peeling and painting) OVO-Vision not only provides the logistical and financial information but also all quality information. The extensive flow of goods information is very valuable to gain insight in supply and demand.

With OVO-Vision we are future proof!

Holger Runden

CEO Waden GmbH

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