Don’t miss a sale and keep your customers satisfied


Orders coming in through EDI, fax or customer service, OVO-Vision can take care of them. Assortments, pricing and allowances can be setup per customer group, customer and or ship-to.
Pricing can use market prices and can handle most common fees and charges. Shipping methods can be setup with different Agents. Even drop shipments can be handled. When using EDI it is possible to do the complete order to cash process without any human intervention. All documents can be setup individually per customer or ship to and can be sent out through PDF, EDI or on paper. Pricelists can be handled in a similar way.
OVO-Vision Sales was designed to process many orders in an easy and fast way by customer service. Per customer (group) or ship-to an assortment and a price agreements can be setup and if wanted contracts and bids can be setup. Substitute items can be setup with several options.
Pricing has many features like average date pricing based on market prices and BOM pricing. Shipping and transport fees, allowances, bonuses and sales fees can be used directly or create a reservation on a GL account. Market prices can be imported so keying errors will no longer occur.
At order entry the complete assortment is available with the current prices. The complete sales history can easily be looked up. Minimum item and or order amounts are watched. Firms and upcoming adds are visible and the system even keep track of the NO-orders. Return orders can be created in case the product was damaged or outdated.
In the background customer rating is keeping track of all adjustments even if it is an internal adjustment. Things like shipping adjustments, shortcutting items and not sending in EDI orders on time are a few examples of customer rating.




All common massages from and to the trade partners can be setup and will be processed in OVO-Vision. Many documents of the big retailers are available or can easily be created. Things like cross reference tables, receipt confirmation, multi orders and order revision are taken care of in the EDI granule. On many points it is possible to get an alert (e-mail) if an issue occurs.




Connected to the customer or the ship-to per delivery day a route and stop number can be assigned. It is possible to use route optimization tools to get the most efficient way of delivering the goods.


Receipt confirmation


The receipt confirmation is optional to handles the adjustments on de deliveries. Adjustments on items and or pricing can be processed before final billing. All adjustments will be visible in customer rating with reason codes.


Embalage / return goods / deposit item


Racks, plastic crates, pallets or tanks are in some cases more expansive than the product that they are carrying. It is good to keep track of what return good went to what customer and when it was returned. OVO-Vision Sales can just keep track of it but also has the ability to charge and credit the customer for these items.




Maintain an overview of your contacts, and personalize your approach to them. Record your contact information for all business relationships. This module is tightly integrated with the Sales and Receivables application area. You can also:

  •   Specify the individual people related to each contact.
  •   Get an automatic alert if you enter contact information that already exists with the duplicate check function.
  •   Get a precise view of prospects and customers by categorizing your contacts based on profiling questions.
  •   Issue quotes to prospects or create sales documents for specific contacts if you have Sales Order Management.


Reports and documents


Many reports and documents are available. Per customer and or ship-to it is possible to setup different layouts for the individual documents. E.g. some customers get a bill of lading with and some without prices. For basic adjustments in your layout you just open the document in Word, make your adjustment and save it! Done!