Monday November 18th

Practical biosecurity check list

Based on the Practical Biosecurity Check List, we created tools to implement this check list and achieve this standard.

It is not a one-site fits all setup, but complete flexibel per site and organization. Per farm, barn, storage and even flock, complete protocols/plans can be setup per group of employees. The system will monitor if tasks are completed or even will generate new tasks if requested or needed. Alerts will be sent if they are due. Interfacing to eg. Outlook will be possible. All results are documented and are auditable. Reporting through dashboards and BI graphs is available together with your flock KPI’s.

All input and output is documented and trackable and traceable per lot if requested. Even visitors, vehicles and equipment management will be available. In and output sampling can be done and can block batches based on analysis results. Rodent and tests can be documented and a continuous program assessment can be done through a complete workflow system. Veterinary consultations and flock testing can be planned in time and documented. Unexplained mortality, drop in food and/or water intake, drop in egg production, will result in real time alerts to all stakeholders.

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