Monday March 23rd

The issue on substituting eggs by eggs

The issue can arise when you are short on a type of egg or that you make arrangements with the customer that you will deliver a different type as original ordered.

Keeping track of your inventory and tracking and tracing is the major issue. Different units of measure e.g. 1 pallet with 10,800 eggs, but also one 18 pack with three 6 packs. The same product in a different carton or case/crate or wired basket.

How should a system respond on just a partly substitution? Let’s look at the scenario.

A customer orders 10 cases 18 packs and you just have 7 available. What options do we have:

• Create an extra production order so the remaining 3 cases can be produced
• Call the customer and ask him if he is ok with just 7 cases
• Set up a table behind the item in the assortment if and how the product can be substituted (the full pricing structure can also be taken care off)

With this last option the warehouse employee directly knows what to do in that scenario.
The full documentation can be print on the bill of lading, SSCC label and or on the invoice. The customer is happy, and the sales, accounting and warehouse departments do their job without any interference, even in production they don’t have to plan a separate order for eggs they do not have…. 😉

How OVO-Vision can make all users happy!

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